Leyla is gentle and kind, calm, and confident, an exceptional mother and fierce protector.  While Aslan takes the lead, checking the perimeter, chasing off predators, and barking at intruders outside the fence, Leyla stays behind with her charges, barking and standing at alert with her goats and sheep crowding behind her.  These dogs won't be tricked by coyotes that lead the guard dog away for a chase while others in the pack hunt the vulnerable herd left behind. Leyla's hip have been rated OFA EXCELLENT

Taylor Ranch Leyla
Taylor Ranch Leyla


Sire: CH Diamond Acres Turk is a Turkish import and has won Certificate of Honor as the UKC Show Champion in 2013 and was second in the top ten ranking for the 2013 Competition year. Turk is a serious dog, alert, calm, the perfect LGD Temperament. Guards Alpaca and goats.

Dam: Banks Mountian Dudley is a very maternal dog. Extremely gentle with her charges and totally trustworthy. Her rock-solid, stable temperament, bravery and keen intelligence were passed on to Leyla. Her dam and grandsire are imports.