The moment we met Aslan at the airport, we were struck by his character; a calm and confident pup, relaxing in his kennel, perfectly content with all of the commotion going on. I then understood why people called this breed "bomb proof." He immediately bonded with his baby goats and they grew up together. He is an incredible protector, whenever we move to a new field, he runs the entire perimeter to check that it's safe, while the love of his life, Leyla, waits with the livestock for his "all clear."

Rayburne Ridge Aslan,
Rayburne Ridge Aslan


Sire: ShadowWings Berk protects Alpaca in South Carolina. He is a very laid back, friendly, loving, loyal boy, extremely alert and good at his job. Always does a perimeter check in a new field while the Alpacas wait. A habit he pass on to his son Aslan. His sire and dam are Turkish imports

Dam: Misty Acres Havva protects Alpaca in South Carolina along with Berk. She is alert with a calm temperament. She is an amazing mother and her mothering extends to her Alpaca babies. She loves her animals with a passion. Her Dam and sire are Turkish imports. Havva traces her lineage back to Turhan Kangal's famous Ballak and the even more famous Tarzan.


Rayburne Ridge Aslan